200Acres of Land for sale in Kenya, Africa. Ideal for Hotel, Campsite or Just Investment purposes.

Hello, I have a Maasai friend in Kenya who is selling land in Kenya, Africa.

This is a Quick Sale, He needs money for Cancer treatment, The land is total of 256Acres, but he is selling 200Acre.

The land is along Magadi Road, From Nairobi it is about 60Km.

The Route - Nairobi - Karen - Ngong Town - Kiserian - Matasia - Kisamis - Oletepis

The Land is opposite, Olorgesailie, It is a pre-historic site which is world renown as the "factory of stone tools" and the only place in the world with the largest number. This place has a camping site.


It is besides the Magadi Road, Electricty is available, The place is near the Home of the famous Richard Leakey. The land has a hill which has a great view. There many Europeans in the area who own land there.


The Land is Ideal for Hotel, Camp site, Lodging, Ranch or just Investment purposes


The maasai mara is about 150Km to the West. This is by air.


The land per acre is worth about Kenya Shillings 600,000/- (Euros 4,587.31)

The land is being sold for Kenya Shillings 250,000/- (Euros 1,911.38) per acre


Kindly Google the following


Richard Leakey

National Museums of Kenya - Website and click on Olorgesailie

This will give you idea about the area.


I have copy of Title Deed and Photos of the land


I offer Euros 7,645.52 to anyone who introduces me to a successful buyer.


Anyone Interested can contact me

Kenneth Alum



P.O.Box 59203 - 00200

Nairobi, Kenya

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