Is it still possible to do no money down deals in this market?

What would be an example of one of these?


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Where you offer 80% of the value of a property, then the seller lets you make payments to them over 3 years.

So if property is on the market to be sold for 100,000, you offer him 100,000.
You get your finance company to give you a loan for 80,000 and you pay your seller the othe 20,000 over 3 years at whatever amount per week/month that suits the two of you.
Where there is a will...there is a way....
Ever states laws are different...please consult a local legal professional, preferably a REI attorney.

Yes, Traditional 80/20 loans are still out there for home owners..not so much for investors.

Non traditional, Private money is always the best...most flexable...
Having the homeowner do a full carry, or partial carry of the loan would be good...then find a private money partner..
Sub-to falls in this category....(illegal if distressed in some states)

Then a hybred of a private lender buying and hold the note while you do a Non season refi...

I have the feeling your a I know all this makes sense to yah....=)
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Apartment Complex Acquistion/Rehab/Repositioning can be done. The amount funded (which includes all costs and fees) must total less than 85% of the ARV (based on a MAI Appraisal) and the rehab must be extensive - low occupancy - good market area (Dallas, Houston, Memphis). Over $10 mil is easier to fund. There are a couple of lenders that will do this type of 100% LTC loan, but you should have upfront money for Due Diligence costs.


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