Is there any particular Foreclosure reporting service that is better than others?
I'm thinking Florida is a good market to look at currently...does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Hi the M3 REO Group team members have graduate and postgraduate degrees in real estate and finance, and more than 80 years combined experience in the repositioning of distressed real estate. With a proven track record of successfully and profitably managing distressed residential and commercial assets, this management team has completed numerous transactions with a total value in excess of $275 million. Please log on: to know more details.
You can consider California Foreclosure Reporting service. Comparing with with Florida this market is also in a good condition. The market is now returning good profits to the investors.
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Hi, I work with a company that has Custom bulk REOs from the FDIC and are .40 cents to .50 cents on the dollar. 48hrs to 72 hrs upon receipt of LOI and POF. For more info please email me at Thanks and hopefully this can help.

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