We are setting up our business and I want to find out how I can find bird dogs to work with me and help us find properties. Are there any systems or courses that might help me set this up?

In talking to a few people about doing this for us, they were concerned that they would not get paid. Is there any way they can be assured they will get paid?

Thank you for all the great advice. The people here are tremendous!


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Here is what has worked for me in the past.
Go to your local shop and ask if you can put a card in the window or notice board.
Ask agents or brokers if they know anyone, who has retired but still wants some action in the real estate game.
advertise in the back of local papers for people in casual work wanted section.
On the trust issue, you will have to tell it like it is, "shall we make a contract between us?" or " how do i know you are going to find me houses to buy, ok so lets get going to see if this might work now". Or if you feel they might be a great source of leads for you, offer them say $50 per month, this will cover their gas etc. If they bring you a bargain, do you really care about $50....
The hardest part about dealing with bird dogs is getting them to consistently do any work and getting them to provide deals that you can actually do something with. Seems that many of them want to get something for nothing and won't stick with the plan unless you totally spell it out for them.

I found that the best way for me to get bird dogs to stay engaged is to assist them in figuring out what their financial goals are and creating a plan by which they can realistically see achieving them (based on my experience within the business). That said I created an e-book property locators guide for them to read and understand to see if they really want to do it. The gives the locators step by step instructions on how to set goals, figure out what their numbers are, how to find sellers, evaluate potential deals and ho to get paid by presenting the info in the manner that I need. Once they have read the e-book and understand what it'll take to be successful, we can then go into a long term relationship where they get to learn as they earn.

By doing all this I am able to build up their trust and confidence, ensuring that they'll stick with me for the long haul. as for the pay, I pay $10 per lead that fits ALL of the location, property type and info needed requirements as spelled out in the e-book, plus a 5%-10% fee out my gross profits for all deals that I or one of my buyers purchase.

To sweeten the deal and to advance their training, I also give instruction on how to find and qualify buyers, with the guarantee that if they bring a buyer to my attention that makes a purchase, the bird dog will get a piece my profits on that as well. Again the key to all this is keeping the bird dog engaged by helping them set goals creating a realistic plan by which they can envision achieving it and making sure that you do everything that you say you are going to do.

Hope this helps
Here;s a good article.. tho it was written 5 years ago: http://reiclub.com/real-estate-chat-transcripts.php?id=2
It won't hurt to get a little history lesson. It didn't hurt me.
Just starting and I to am looking into the possibilities of using bird dogs. I am in Florida, and I have heard from two different people (one a broker and investor, and the other a total stranger who replied to an ad I had on craigslist) that the offering of a reward for leadas to buy/sell houses is illegal. However, I have found a number of websites bnelonging to investors in Florida, which offer a reward for buy/sell leads.

Can anyone confirm or deny this?

An easy way to get leads for bird dogs and people who want to sell their house is to use sticky pads that have "We Buy Houses", a number, and "We also sell, lease, and rent to own houses. No Credit and Bad Credit okay". Something similar could be done to appeal to bird dogs. Stickys are good because they are cheap and easy to post. A good place to post them might be at gas pumps....everyone has to get gas.
In Ga it's legal (as far as I know). I have been using bird dogs for several years now and with good results. In certain states it isn't legal to pay for a referral, so i would definitely check the law. to get around it, there are probably other types of payments that are legal, it just depends on how you phrase it.
Hi Katya,

Where are you located? I'm in Northern Calif, lodi, located in San Joaquin county. Contact me and we'll see if I can be of any help to you. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for your time

Kathy Richart

Yes, all they have to do is use a Confidentiality form .. I am currently bird-dogging for 2 investors but I do need a lot more

O wow I didn't see all the other replies :-)
There are a lot of ways to go about finding bird dogs but I do like Andy Proper's Team Work Lead System By using this system you can place an ad that will send potential bird dogs directly to the website they set up for you. The bird dog can sign up, download a welcome package, fill out an independent contractor agreement and begin submitting leads directly to your back office.

They can also refer someone who will place Craigslist ads for you in the areas you need. I ended up having to ask them to stop advertising because I had too many leads to follow up on and not enough time. They were good leads and I actually made some great connections with some very proficient bird dogs that I normally wouldn't have had. It was probably the best investment I've made in getting unlisted properties. Hope that helps
Conntact me if looking for BirdDogs in Jersey or Upstate New York I think I can help


John Morrison Jr

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