I'm looking for an ebook to buy, let's say I want to relearn things. I honestly prefer real books over ebook but I do not agree how much mos of them are tagged. Any ideas? eBook titles you have in mind?

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I'm not the reader type so I rely mostly on videos. Even youtube has a lot of Real Estate videos. You should check them out.
These are good titles:

The Land Buyer's Guidebook
Real Estate Investment for Beginners
Foreclosure Free Zone
How to Get Rich in Real Estate

Read them and you'll be a Guru in no time!
I am looking for a book also... thank you guys for your replies. I haven't read the ebook that came from this site, but it looks promising.
And we are lucky that we became part of the so called evolution in internet and real estate marketing. The question is, will we survive it?

Mary Burton said:
Blogging, video marketing, social networking are the modern flyers and door-to-door techniques of marketing! 10 years from now I bet there would be new marketing styles/strategies.
What exactly are you looking for? Basic RE eBook? Foreclosures? Wholesaling? Can you please narrow down your category a bit so I can help you. If I have what you need, I can give it to you for free... :)
Kurt - I don't know about which real estate book is best. I've always found the best information is that which I immediately apply. :-)


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