Hi guys, in case you need to advertise whatever you need. Check these free classified ads sites!

Webcosmo.com Free Classified

I hope you put these into good use! :)

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This is a good list. Let me add some more:

1. Kingdom Classifieds
2. E-Page Classifieds
3. Business Classifieds
4.Yahoo Classifieds
5. Best Mall Classified Ads
6. 1AmericaMall
7. The Ad Net
8. Access Business Online
9. Five Star Classified Ads
10. Classifieds 2000

Some of these are paid and some are free, others offer free and paid posting. It's your choice.
Is there a way to pin this discussion? Mods? Admins?
I don't think there is. The forum is actually an application on Ning's platform. It is not VB or PhBB board, so some functions are really limited, but I must say that it has a very Web 2.0 look. :)

Mary Burton said:
Is there a way to pin this discussion? Mods? Admins?
I've checked and there is none. You can bookmark this in your browser tho. Just drag the link to your toolbar or you have Google toolbar installed sign in your account and bookmark it. You can still use Ctrl + D if you want to go old school.
There are a lot of bookmarking tools if you are using firefox. I have all my real estate resources bookmarked right on my browser.

Go here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/browse/type:1/cat:22/sort:...
This will be useful. Thanks a lot guys!
You can also post on backpage.com and postlets. These sites can really contribute to the sales of your business.


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Candice Summers said:
This will be useful. Thanks a lot guys!
Check out this one, REI Free Classifieds . It's specifically for real estate investors, real estate agents who specialize in investment properties and all REI-related service providers.

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