Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to inform you that we have just launched a new e-course 90 days to cash - This is a unique program which can show you how to wholesale properties for instant cash in 90 Days or less. It is designed to guide you every step of the way versus leaving you overwhelmed and under or overeducated and lost.

For more details, visit 90 Days to Cash


90 Days to Cash Ecourse
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First I do wish you luck! However, with all due respect, your advertising is a bit misleading. It really is NOT $197
or $297 - it's REALLY $488 and $888, given that one MUST pay an additional $97 per month X 3 months.
I find that kind of a turn off.

Yes, you do mention the additional monthly fee on the bottom of your copy, however, my main point is that the
initial figures you cite for the course (without the mandated monthly fee) - ARE misleadin

I don't think 90 days program is misleading. It's quite clear on the page, what we are offering and it's value. First of all no course is available for $297 or $197. We already have students enrolled for the program and one of them have already made a deal in 30 days.


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