Does anyone knows how to get leads in easy way? I'm currently doing Social Networking, but it doesn't help that much. Any help will be truly appreciated. Thanks!


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Use Google adwords or make a more No.of links on your targeted keywords

Yeah we use google adwords and probablt spend $2000 per month that we reckon brings is about $10,000k per month in extra business.



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If your wholesaling REO's, I assuming your speaking of buyer leads. 


I agree with the previous post about craigslist and backpage. Using those see to market to buyers works well for me. The best way do this is not by simply posting deals but to have a teaser description of the deal and a link to a squeeze page that will get them to give you their email address, name etc....and then to send the deals to their inbox.


Its a little game of "give something, get something" by it WORKS!!! 


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Are you using Social Networking to get buyers or seller leads?


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