Looking For Real Estate Cash Buyer Partner

Need Help! Lots of Deals Coming My Way

What I Do
Locate properties at 25-35% below market value (San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange & Los Angeles County)
Market for and identify Investment opportunities
Rehabilitate properties and solve financial problems to create value
I create additional value by fixing ugly, vacant homes or negotiating directly with banks & Sellers
Sell to home buyers and investors

I Do All The Work

You Take First Position 3 Ways
1.) Private Money Partner - You Fund the Deal 100% (60/40 Profit Sharing) You Take 60% - Deals 70% or Better
2.) I find the deals and place the property under contract for you upon agreed fee
3.) You fund 70% cash for 3pt. 8% Int, 30% profit on the resell - I bring 30% cash to close(second position) PARTNERSHIP not HARD MONEY

I find rental property $40,000-$70,000 for landlords - Market Rent $900-$1300 Monthly (San Bernardino & Riverside County)

Must have hard proof of funds - Bank Statement, Escrow Deposit Statement, etc.
Ability to move quick

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Seems to be a great opportunity for an investment well made!

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