We're looking for individuals or a team of people buying out-of-shape or foreclosed homes and restoring them for a good sale.  The team may consist of a contractor, a realtor, an investor, a designer - any number of people who are working together to give worn-down properties a fresh start. 

We are searching for strong, “loud” characters – confident people who know the business and let their enthusiasm and individuality shine through.  In particular, we are looking for participants to show us their real personalities and to share everything happening behind the curtain in their daily transactions – the good, the bad, and the ugly!


Contact us with the following information at:


      1.     Your name, company, phone and email.

      2.     Send us a few pictures, videos and/or links of you and your team!

              Tell us about yourself! What makes you special?

              What makes you different from the other Flippers out there?

      3.     Briefly introduce your trusted team!

              Tell us about their personalities and relationships with each other.

      4.     What volume of houses do you and your team work on per month?

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