I have just started in real estate investing looking for a few cheap and effective ways to jump into big real estate world with low budget.

I have about $1500 to spend on getting my name out there.

From Where I get the most bang in marketing?

Thanking you,

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personal networking while attending seminars on real estate investing. let people know who you are and what you are trying to do. You may not get immediate results, but if you're consistent, 3 to 6 months down the line people will remember and reach out to you
What form of real estate investing do you find interesting? Many newbies try wholesaling, mostly because it provides income with limited investment. Some try to team up with a financial partner and do flips for imediate income (although that is tuff in this market), and others team up with a financial partner(s) and hold rentals.

I have always found that the best way to find deals/make contacts that turn into money is to network with other real estate investors face-to-face at local investing club meetings. Some of these clubs may have dues/fees, while others may not. For the small investment, it can really pay off.

If you decide to wholesale and need a source for Transaction/Same Day Funding for your back-to-back closes, shoot me an email and I'll guide you to one.

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Try to find a rei club in your area and just attend to learn. They sometimes require a membership fee, but ask if you can attend once to see if it fits you. Get some contacts and call them to ask if you can have lunch. See if anyone will take you under their wing. If you are adamant about starting out, I focus on mobile homes and you can get started with $1500 pretty easily.

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One thing that I use when looking for capital is approaching people with IRA's and then educated them about self-directing those retirement accounts.

At first it can be hard to talk to people about investing their money, but now is a perfect time for this strategy because most people are getting a good return on their retirement accounts. So just show them a logical way that they can make a return on their money.

Then when your selling this idea to them I usually say---"We'll set up a note just like a bank, You'll make interest on your money just like a bank, and your investment will be secured by real estate just like a bank."

Hope that maybe gives you an idea to look into as a way to finance properties without any of your own capital

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