I have a buyer looking for a home in the Woodland Hills surrounding areas in CA


I have a buyer looking for a home (lease option) in the Woodland Hills, West Hills, Encino, Calabasas areas in CA with the following must have spec:

3 beds/2 baths
Double garage
Swimming pool
Nice Kitchen
With updated amenities

Here is his Story:
My credit is poor. Me and My Girlfriend relocated from NYC in late Feb. She transferred her job with State Farm Insurance. I actually quit my job in Sept. 2008. I'm doing different Entrepreneur things now. So I can't personally prove Income. But I have money in the bank and also make a decent amount. She has continued employment and can prove probably $50,000 yearly and she has a credit score of 680 plus. The price range he is looking for is $350K to $400K.

Also, the buyer is OK with a lease to own option, and he can down $7000.00 with $1800.00 monthly payment. Please email me at miketon@mishiton.com if you have a fit for this property.



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Not sure if you've made any progress on this find yet, but these specs are going to be really tough for the areas they are looking in.
I manage a building in West Hollywood and a two bed, two bath here with no pool starts at $1900/month.

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It is very tough to manage a suitable house in a desired budget. I now living in a house of two bed, one bath of rent $1500 in California. I am not satisfied of it. Still looking for a better opportunity.

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10932 Treeside Ln., Escondido, CA
Make offer as is. Owner can help
finance or Rent to own
Let me know if interested

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