We are private loan lender, we can assist you with both long and short terms loan for personal and business.We can assist you with Bank Instrucment such as BG/SBLOC to finance all your project. Kindly contact me via this email for more info.. jamesbaxter64@hotmail.com

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Hi James,

Do you guys make loans on real estate?

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We can assist you or your client with real estate loan, how much do you need? Get back to me via jamesbaxter64@hotmail.com for more info.
Hi James, I am currently looking for local hard money lender, you might knew some, could you please tell me their contact number, I just need it to finance my real estate project.


Lea Simpsons
Rehab Real Estate
Hi James,
I'd like to learn more how to put together a loan package with private lender.

Hi James,

How about logging on http://rehabhardmoney.com and get connected with money borrowers?


James Baxter said:
We can assist you or your client with real estate loan, how much do you need? Get back to me via jamesbaxter64@hotmail.com for more info.
Laeeque Ahmed offered my wife fake pay stubs. He created them for him and now we are in trouble. Laeeque says he had no involvement and do not recall doing any such thing. The banks called us in because they found out. What should we do ? We do not know where to complain and lawyers cost a lot of money.

Fake pay stubs can put you in jail. It’s a no no… Maybe next time someone needs to record this dudes activity. Probably a sting operation by the RCMP.

Laeeeque Ahmed only deals with a lawyer called Shanthi Devanand
50 Village Centre Place, Suite 300 Mississauga
Ontario L4Z 1V9
Phone: 905-290-1409?Mobile: ?Fax: 905-290-0594?
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Helpful ways to impress private lender. The terms for private loans vary from lender to lender. A common suggestion is to shop around on all terms.

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Hi James,
I would like to know what is your guide line of funding.
I am currently setting up a company dealing with Gov. contracts and need startup short term fund.
my primary interest is in commercial real estate investing: NNN, Multi plexes and apartment etc..
please email me.

Michael Shiao
Well, that sounds good. I am sure you have helped out a lot of people in establishing their homes and property. I will still have to ask my Columbus real estate agent however for more details before I go ahead and start lending anything.

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