We are private lenders that operate a loan funding/financing company that strives to provide enabling financial environment for investors, entrepreneurs and businessmen. 

We provides financing to Small-cap, large companies, start up, corporate bodies & publicly traded companies. Our mission is to add value by providing not only financial resources and industry knowledge, we maintain successful long term relationships with our portfolio companies. Our expertise lies only partly in creating flexible financial structures.

 Contact us to see how we can help make your business grow financially.

We provide and specialize in both Secured and unsecured long and short term basis on the followig lending options:

International business loans
Start up business loans
Investment loans
Business expansion loans
Real estate financing
Commercial loans
Residential loans
Home and mortgage loans
Real estate loans
Construction loans
Hard money loans,
Personal loans
Debt consolidation loans  e.t.c.
Interested persons should contact us via email:

Contact email: blakesfinanceltd@aol.com

for more information.

We respond within 24 hours

Garry Blakes.

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