I'll start it off, my biggest fear was making a mistake when I started.  These thoughts would run through my head.  What if I pay too much for a property?  What if I'm unable to find a buyer for the property?  Did I estimate the proper amount of repairs?  What are some of the hidden costs?  The way I over came them was to take massive action!! 

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The biggest fear I would say is by losing money on a home due to damages or a home that is not going up in value due to the area it's in. Certain things cannot be controlled.
Lost of time and money.  I feel these 2 go together very well. Banks really don't care when trying to invest in a short sale.
I have been feeling what you are feeling right now. Even if I'm a realtor I would still keep asking myself that if someday I'm gonna buy my own property. I wanted to Buy Indiana Home because they are great.

This is a good read,


I share some of the same fears alot of you folks have. 


Being 25 yrs old when I started out, my biggest fear was "I wonder if they will even take me seriosly" You see, not only was I young, I had braces and a baby face, so I thought a seller would never believe "1", a mere kid, would buy there house for cash.  


Then, I said the hell with it, I took massive action, I displayed confidence, and boy was I wrong....I found that my age, or looks had very little barring on getting deals. My confidence spoke volumes and the deals came poring in, and the rest is history. 


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