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Canadian Real Estate Investing in 2013, According to Thomas Napiontek

What is to happen to real estate investing in 2013? That’s the question many investors and investor-hopefuls are asking as we start this somewhat uncertain year. After all, real estate has been a big enigma with many opinions surfacing over its fate for the last six months of 2012. There, however, has been a recent increase in consumer confidence, as reported by Bloomberg News, and the market seems to be making some repairs.


So, based on research and experience, I now provide…


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Real Estate Power Team Basics

Your Power Team is a team of people that will assist you in finding deals, setting up your business, marketing, repairing properties, financial planning and solving problems that may arise in your business. As your portfolio begins to grow, you will need more people on "your team". Your power team is a team of people that will help you get the ending result, MONEY! The bottom line is that you are in a business of making money and helping people. No one can do it…


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Having a property maintained for years is not fun and it involves lot of details that every property manager should know. In addition, they are expensive, time-consuming and monotonous but, planning it wisely will be of great use to property owners and to the tenants. There may be several reasons for tenants vacating the place but this issue should not be the top reasons for people vacating the place which has quite a few implications.

Initially property managers should know…


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