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Multi Family: A Recovering Market

 We all know whats happening to the single family home markets. Over supply and shadow inventory and the subsequent price declines will continue until fear is overcome and inventory is soaked up.

The kinds of issues that led to a boom bust in housing did not take place with multi family. There was no build out leading to over supply and the lender market was much more rationlized. Little of the kind of lending that led to so many foreclosures, ultimately driving home…


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Hanover Companies

Hanover Companies is the nation's primary choice for real estate and investment property. Hanover revealed the GO Opportunity Zone (GO Zone). Hanover Companies are the real estate biggest dealers for GO Zone.  Hanover companies have the best selection of GO Zone properties accessible all around the country. When buying a GO Zone property you will get a 50% reduction from the I.R.S. When you are a customer at Hanover companies, you are not buying from a broker that wants commission.…


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Green Landlording: Getting Tenants to Go Green

Getting Tenants to Go Green.

As property managers, we can't insist on behavioral changes. Going green can be a tough sell to a renter. After all, a building is only as green as the people who manage and live in it. Managers are key players and can encourage activities that reduce consumption and waste. The catalyst is education.

We Are All Stakeholders

You need to demonstrate the benefits. Tenants can be…


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Income Property Hassle Free

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Four Tips to Achieve Success

Many of us that get into real estate in

vesting have and will encounter many challenges throughout our professional lives. I have said before, this is not an easy profession. It is rewarding for those that follow certain simple principles and stay focused towards the achievement of success. By the grace of God, I have seen many ups and downs in my professional and personal life. My strong faith in God has kept me in the path and confident that once again we will prevail and that I…


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