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Three Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

With all the market uncertainty across the board these days, individuals are skeptical about investing in just about anything. So, I often find myself face-to-face with a prospective investor who wants to know “why real estate?” I believe real estate is a smart investment with staying power, so I take advantage of the opportunity. I give the following three reasons: 

  1. Diversification – Every smart investor knows a portfolio is at its best when diversified. But this…

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Achieving Positive Cash Flow

One of the things I hear most often, especially in today’s market, is how uneasy prospective investors are about getting into real estate. They are worried about market fluctuations and the possibility of depreciating value. Just like with any investment, real estate is a risk; but it’s a risk that historically has proven its worth time and again. And, it’s my belief there is no time like the present to dive in head-first and get some of those gem properties that are the result of the recent…


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Why Buying With Cash Isn't Better

It never ceases to amaze me how many professional investors I hear telling their clients why it’s smart to use as much cash as possible to fund a real estate investment purchase. “After all,” they say, “Paying as much as you can down in cash is going to allow you to recognize the greatest amount of monthly revenue.” True. But false.

I say this is false because while you will be recognizing a greater profit each month from the nice spread between mortgage payment and rental revenue,…


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Investing for Retirement

When it comes to saving for retirement, the majority of Americans turn to or rely on programs provided by their employers, even though many of these programs have proven to be utter failures in the past. Outside these options, there is the standard financial advisor relationship, which also provides a guided strategy into the same types of investments they lead all their clients toward—stocks, bonds and mutual funds, with some other asset classes for good measure.

When we look at the…


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Finding a Rental House Property in Your Neighborhood is made easier

Finding a home for lease is a daunting task and now it’s made easier.

Finding a house or townhome rental can sometimes be annoying with the partial information accessible on these types of residential rental properties. You can find in several tips in the internet, however following all those tips is quite impossible. Some may be quite easy to say but difficult to follow in real life and it includes:

  • Driving Around the Neighborhood to…

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Property Management: 3 Reasons Why It Should be in Place Before You Buy

Investors too often approach the decision to buy a multifamily property without a support system, but the smart money is made when they team up with property managers well before closing. A property manager who knows multifamily property management is an irreplaceable asset for a buyer for many reasons, but there are three primary advantages these real estate professionals bring to the table when shopping for an apartment building to enhance your investment…


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Can You Manage Your Own Investment?

Investing a large amount of money into multifamily properties can be risky for the unprepared. Answer the following questions and check your answers at the end to determine if you're ready to start shopping for properties.

1. Which of the following functions are the responsibility of an apartment manager?

 a)   Lawn and landscaping services

 b)   Pest control

 c)   Tenant relations and dispute mediation

 d)   Emergency repairs (HVAC, plumbing, electrical,…


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Tips for Investing in a Houseboat

A houseboat is a unique means of transportation. It is both home and recreational vehicle. If you’re considering buying a houseboat, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind--it is not only a pleasure craft, but a dwelling, as well. Following are a few tips for investing in a houseboat.

Do Your Research

Before you head on down to the dealer, there are a few things you need to do in order to be fully prepared to be a houseboat owner. You will need to know…


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For Home Owners - Getting Ready for an Open House

An open house is an event conducted and hosted by real estate agents where potential buyers are given the opportunity to visit the homes they're interested in buying. During an open house home buyers tests and inspects the entire house and lot as well as use the amenities with it. Having a house inspection gives the home sellers and the home buyer's huge benefits. For example, an open house raises the…


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