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A Real Estate Beginner's Guide to Investing

So you’re interested with real estate investing? Do you currently have the money for it? How about the required time? Time isn't the only investment you must give once you invest in real estate, having a lot of money will help, too.

Do you already have investing experience? How about real estate and property investment experience? I’m asking considering that while they may have similarities just like the volatile market and also the main aspect of amassing profit, real estate is…


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Acquire a Memphis Property Investment and Leave the Rat Race for Good!

A major city where half of the population are leasers is truly an investor’s dream come true. The potential profit from owning multiple rentals from a location like that is just astounding! Acquiring money to put into your other ventures is only achievable if you’re financially free by having a dependable passive income from a constant cash flow. But then again, going to the real question, is there such a city or location that exists despite the housing bubble burst in addition to the…


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Negotiation Tips for Apartment Hunting

Hunting an apartment is not easy. It is like balancing your budget on a daily basis in order to afford both your wants and needs. Most of the time, we usually want to get the best deal in terms of the price. Good thing to know, there are positive ways on how to lower your rent by dealing with creative negotiation activities.

Rent negotiation is as easy as that of apartment hunting. One must…


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REI Free Classifieds Opens Virtual Doors to Real Estate Investing Community


UNITED STATES, JUL 10, 2012 – ReiFreeClassifieds.com answers a demand for niche marketing within an online classifieds industry, which is dominated by general public sites. Comprehensive REI-specific categories accommodate real estate investors, real estate agents and real estate investing support services, including contractor services, construction specialty services, investor funding, property management, legal…


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