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Real Estate Investor Seeking Projects/Business Proposal....Funding Available...

SONEX INVESTMENT INC. is a private investment company that provides financing to Small-cap, publicly traded companies. Our mission is to add value by providing not only financial resources and industry knowledge, but hands-on M&A strategy and implementation. Acting as principal, we maintain successful long term relationships with our portfolio companies. Our expertise lies only partly in creating flexible financial structures. More importantly, our ingenuity and financial resources enable a… Continue

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Use of Penny stock newsletter

Penny stocks, seen more and more as a legitimate investment vehicle gain in popularity among new and less experienced traders. While the negative connotations remain among Wall Street big-wigs and institutional investors, there will be a silent stratum of society that routinely makes quiet profits in penny stocks. To make profit in stock market, Penny Stock Newsletter helps a lot. It makes available hot Penny Stock Picks that generate… Continue

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Learn on Penny stock Investing

Penny stock Investing is defined as an item of value purchased for income or capital appreciation. In reference to stocks, traders who label themselves "investors" usually play stocks from the Big Boards and choose their investments based upon cold hard facts, fundamentals, and the overall quality of the company behind the stock.

Penny stocks aren't for green investors, regardless of their price for the reason that to make money… Continue

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How to Purchase Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are stocks that trade for $5 or less. These stocks are traded mostly in the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTC-BB) stock exchange instead of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), The NASDAQ Stock Exchange or the American Stock Exchange (AMEX). Because of the low price and low quality of penny stocks, their prices often rise and fall wildly during trading. They carry greater risk than regular stocks and are issued by… Continue

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Investing in Penny stock short term trading

Penny stock market is measured as the majority volatile stock market. In accordance with SEC, trading penny stock includes substantial risks and the traders must be well aware of them. Like with stocks, penny stocks also have the option of trading or investing. Each of these strategies holds merits and demerits. Here are some tips for better execute these procedures.

Short term trading has always been a bitter experience for many… Continue

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How Virtual Assistants Can Help Non-Performing Notes Buyers Get Direct Access to Bank Asset Managers

Non-Performing Notes, What are they?

Non-Performing notes (NPNs) are accounts of borrowers which have been classified as distressed assets by banks. A perfect example is an overdue mortgage loan that is not producing income because the borrower no longer makes monthly payments. As a result of this, banks through their asset managers sell these notes in bulk to Note Buyers (NBs).

The hard to find Asset Managers

Most banks employ tons of gate-keepers… Continue

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International Real Estate Resource

The very first global membership association is in pre-launch.

Members receive guarded information on investments, intl. real estate, stock picks, currency, offshore banking, asset protection.

Also, 100's of thousands of dollars worth of literature, online webinars and seminars on location, included in this membership.

1000's of dollars in products and associated memberships included as well.

Very handsome commissions and profit sharing for… Continue

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Houses, apartments, Condos for Rent in Stevenson Ranch, California

Searching for multiple houses, condos, apartments for rent. All from the comfort of your home around Stevenson ranch. Upscale, affordable and fully furnished.

"">Stevenson Apartments

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U.S. House Prices Keep Climbing with a 1.2% Rise in June

Integrated Asset Services ( today released its IAS360™ House Price Index (HPI). Based upon the timeliest and most granular data available in the industry, the index for national house prices moved ahead another 1.2% in June. With June’s gains--the fourth consecutive positive month--the U.S. housing benchmark advanced 2.7% for full second quarter 2009, virtually offsetting the 2.6% decline across the first three months of the year. The… Continue

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7 ways a Real Estate Agent can become more Productive by making use of a Virtual Assistant

Most successful Real Estate Agents know that creating systems for every process in their businesses allows them to be more effective and efficient at delivering the necessary solutions that their clients desire. Systems once created free up time for you to concentrate on income producing tasks; hence the need for you to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help simplify your life. Here are 7 ways a VA can help with your daily time consuming tasks.

Administrative work

VAs will assist you… Continue

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