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Thomas Napiontek: The Argument for Networking

Real estate investors have a competitive nature that is completely understandable. “Winning” a bid on the ideal investment property sometimes puts us at odds with each other, but there are three ways that real estate professionals can help each other – and themselves – by collaborating with others.


  1. Find a mentor. Novice investors who are looking to learn everything they…

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How to Protect Yourself and Your Money from Fraud

Property investors are financially astute and generally prepared to make the best decisions about where to put their money for optimal growth that fits their goals. But, there are unsavory people in every walk of life just waiting to part you and your money. Avoid being a target by following three simple rules of smart investing that will safeguard your investment against fraud.


Get a Second…


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The BMO Housing Panel for 2013: in Review

With real estate continuing to stay on the forefront of minds and conversations across Canada, it’s most interesting to hear how very different the opinions of experts, pundits, investors, homeowners, and homebuyers are when it comes to the fate and future of the markets. In fact, doing a simple Google search for “Canada real estate news” yields hundreds of thousands of resulting opinion pieces, blogs and articles, running the gamut from “certain death by boom” to “status quo”, with many…


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Why Edmonton is the Place to Invest

Have you given Edmonton consideration as an investment opportunity lately? If not, and you’re a serious investor on the look-out for outstanding opportunities, then Edmonton deserves a good look.


All it has to Offer

Edmonton is located in Alberta, Canada, one of the richest oil lands in the country, where oil and gas are fueling the economy and driving population and infrastructure growth. Investors are becoming increasingly interested in this area for many…


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The Benefits of Leveraging in Investing

Did you know that investing in real estate is the single investment where you can use someone else’s money to earn a return for yourself? It’s one of the many reasons investors flock to this reliable asset class. Leverage, is one such tactic. It allows an investor to utilize the value in his or her principle residence to increase the potential for ROI. But there’s more to it, and that’s what we’ll discuss here.


The Guidelines

By using the leveraging technique,…


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The Rules of Canadian Real Estate Investing

With so many naysayers preaching “the end is near” in Canadian real estate, it can be hard to see past the noise. But there is good reason to try. If you have any experience in real estate, you know that it’s a cyclical being. It is based on supply and demand, and because of that, it fluctuates just as demand does.


In some of the larger Canadian markets, over-inflation is a plague that is forcing the downside of that cycle to become a reality. However, just as there is sure…


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Canadian Real Estate Investing in 2013, According to Thomas Napiontek

What is to happen to real estate investing in 2013? That’s the question many investors and investor-hopefuls are asking as we start this somewhat uncertain year. After all, real estate has been a big enigma with many opinions surfacing over its fate for the last six months of 2012. There, however, has been a recent increase in consumer confidence, as reported by Bloomberg News, and the market seems to be making some repairs.


So, based on research and experience, I now provide…


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Three Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

With all the market uncertainty across the board these days, individuals are skeptical about investing in just about anything. So, I often find myself face-to-face with a prospective investor who wants to know “why real estate?” I believe real estate is a smart investment with staying power, so I take advantage of the opportunity. I give the following three reasons: 

  1. Diversification – Every smart investor knows a portfolio is at its best when diversified. But this…

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Achieving Positive Cash Flow

One of the things I hear most often, especially in today’s market, is how uneasy prospective investors are about getting into real estate. They are worried about market fluctuations and the possibility of depreciating value. Just like with any investment, real estate is a risk; but it’s a risk that historically has proven its worth time and again. And, it’s my belief there is no time like the present to dive in head-first and get some of those gem properties that are the result of the recent…


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