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Validating Your Property Management Company: Why & How

Why would you want to trust an asset such a property to a company that you know very little about? It may sound like a no-brainer question, yet there are plenty of investors who do not perform due diligence when it comes to the property management firms they choose to use. They simply think that because the firm has been in business for some time, has other clients, and claims to be knowledgeable, that’s all that is needed to suffice their needs.






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What Property Owners Should Know About Turnkey Property Management

If you’re at the point in your investment decision where you’re considering a property management firm, then it’s likely you’ve researched or may have even been contacted by firms offering turnkey services. While the business has its merit, it also has a very specific place, which may not be appropriate for every investor.


What is it?

A turnkey real estate vendor is an investment firm that typically specializes in a particular market, and they have several…


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