10 Podcasts, Sites, and Blogs for Real Estate Investors

With so many discounted properties and foreclosures on the market, now is the prime time to get involved in real estate investing. Whether you see investing as a part-time opportunity for supplemental income or a potential full-time lucrative business, you'll want to have expert tips, advice, opinions, and know-how at your fingertips to insure smart investment decisions that will turn a profit in the long run. For real estate investors of all backgrounds, the web is a treasure trove of information and resources and it hosts a number of podcasts, sites, and blogs that investors will most certainly find useful.

The Real Estate Guys - Co-hosts of "The Real Estate Guys Radio Show," Robert Helms and Russel Gray, share their knowledge and experiences with listeners interested in learning all there is to know about real estate investments and developments. Free subscriptions are offered to their podcast (the most popular real estate podcast on iTunes), newsletter, and blog--and the site features a variety of resources, links, and events that real estate investors may be interested in.

NuWire Investor - Abundant with real estate news, this site also hosts several "how to" articles pertaining to real estate in both the United States and around the globe, the "InvestorCentric Blog," and a number of real estate investment opportunities. Straightforward and easy to use, NuWire Investor gives readers the option to sign-up for a free weekly newsletter chock full of the latest real estate news and happenings.

TalkingProperty - Here real estate investors will find an online database of informative articles, podcasts, and videos that cover a variety of topics ranging from finance to renovation and everything in-between. Topics of interest can be found by browsing categories, tags, or the most recent posts--and article and podcast subscriptions are available via email or iTunes to keep you up-to-date on the most current information the site has to offer.

Investors Lounge Online - This site is a valuable resource for real estate investors from all parts of the world. It hosts a large collection of real estate blogs, community forums, real estate clubs, and international property and business listings. Sign up for a subscription so that blog posts can be sent directly to your email address, or register with the site in order to gain listing privileges.

FinestExpert.com - This information-packed real estate investment blog is also home to some unique online tools that can assist investors in making smart financial decisions. For example, with some basic property information, an individual "investment quality" score can be determined for a particular property. This insight can help investors decide whether or not a property is worth looking into, and what kind of profit it can bring to the table. Along with useful real estate tools, investors can find an enormous amount of information in the blog postings, search discounted and foreclosed properties, and subscribe to the site to receive the latest real estate news.

Hot Off the Blog! Real Estate Investing - Hot Off the Blog! is a real estate investing podcast available for free download on iTunes--and it's high customer ratings speak for themselves. This podcast is hosted by a real estate investing group known as Lifestyles Unlimited, and the goal of this group is to lead others step-by-step through their own investments increasing their chances of success and long-term profit.

Realtor.com - Dubbed the official site representing the National Association of Realtors, this site is a top resource for investors across the country. Along with the up-to-date real estate news, articles, and blogs, this site features a special section called "Ask a Realtor." With a few keystrokes and a click of the mouse, individuals can receive answers to some of their toughest real estate questions.

Norada Real Estate Investments - Whether you're new to real estate investing or you have some experience under your belt, this site can be very useful to you indeed. Norada Real Estate Investments does a lot of the hard work and time consuming research for investors so that the list of top markets and properties is exposed. Real estate investors will find plenty of tips and advice in the many articles and blogs featured on the site. Membership to Norada's Real Estate Investment Group is free--and each week members of the group receive an article and suggested investment opportunity.

BiggerPockets.com - One of the most comprehensive sites on the web today for real estate investors is BiggerPockets.com. This top rated site houses an enormous database of articles, blogs, resources, forums, online tools, real estate news, podcasts, and so much more. Investors can also use this site to find properties currently on the market, or to post their own listings. The site's online community is a great place to share experiences, advice, and resources--it also provides you with an opportunity to build a solid network by connecting you with other real estate investors and professionals.

Real Estate Investment Blog - This blog is a place where real estate investors can get the 411 on a variety of real estate topics including investing, private lending, marketing, property management, foreclosures, and more. Blog owner Micheal Lautensack, a full-time real estate investor and developer, shares his very own personal experiences in real estate in hopes of helping other investors navigate their way to success.

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