3rd Annual Brookview University Real Estate Investor Retreat - 04/09/10 - Windsor, CT

3rd Annual Real Estate Investor Retreat
April 9th to 11th.
Hartford Windsor Marriott
28 Day Hill Road. Windsor, CT. 06095

Pricing for this event varies. For more information, visit: "5bf606983d997b2fbe5c45b22b63327b", event)''>http://ctreia.com/e...

⇒ Are You Looking to JUMP START Your Investing Business in 2010?
⇒ Do You Want to Learn the SECRETS Used by Brookview’s Most Successful Investors?
⇒ Do You Want to Gain VALUABLE Real Estate Education at an Incomparable Price?
⇒ Is 2010 the Year You Want to Find FINANCIAL FREEDOM?

If this describes you, then the 2010 Brookview University Real Estate Investor Retreat is your solution!

Brookview University’s 2010 Spring Real Estate Investor Retreat is designed to
educate, motivate and connect entrepreneurs from all over the country.
We understand education is the key to success and aim to provide
investors with the best industry practices required for today’s real
estate market.

"Thank you Brookview. You didn’t under-promise, but you still over-delivered. You packed a huge amount of
practical information into these three days. If we aren’t successful,
the responsibility will truly be ours." -Mike, Chicago

The 2010 Retreat is designed to guide student investors through the essential aspects of running a successful real estate enterprise. ACQUISITION AND
HUGE PROFITS will all be covered in depth by our instructors who have
all found incredible success using the information and practices they
teach. A legal expert will also be at the event to guide students
through the process of building their businesses in a secure,
responsible way through ASSET PROTECTION.

"I was somewhat jaded about attending another event, but now I am out-of-this-world
excited about tomorrow... My journey has begun. Attitude, ethics and
professionalism are what drive me, and the entire Brookview team. They
have by far exceeded my expectations." -Susan, Jacksonville

We will also have respected life coaches and motivational speakers at the
event who frequently speak to Fortune 500 companies, helping employees
maximize their potential. They can also help small business owners
maximize their potential by teaching how to prioritize, focus and
self-motivate throughout their journeys in the real estate world.

Guest Speakers

Jeff Taylor, also known as "Mr. Landlord," will be there to let you in on the SECRETS that made him one of the most
successful landlords in the business. Some of the topics and techniques
he will go in depth on include: How to fill vacancies within 72 hours,
how to add THOUSANDS to your cash flow, how to protect yourself and your
investment as a landlord, as well as many other strategies that will
have you turning your investment properties into CASH COWS.

Lee Phillips will be joining the Real Estate Investor Retreat to discuss the
BEST asset protection for today's economic climate, what legal tools to
use to maximize your profits and how to structure your business in
order to get the best tax results. Lee has been helping investors
protect their investments for years. You simply cannot miss this
opportunity to hear the strategies that will help save you money and
protect your assets.

Wholesale Guru Peter "Capt. Pete" Gauthier will also be joining us in CT to show you how he has turned $10 into
$10,000...many times over! During this cash-poor market, you can't miss
Capt. Pete's insanely valuable seminar on flipping houses for QUICK
CASH. You'll be cashing wholesale checks in no time!

Robyn Thompson, "The Queen of Rehab," is back with brand new ideas and strategies that she cannot wait to share with you! If you want to take
advantage of the buy opportunities in one of the most attractive
overflows of inventory in years, Robyn will tell you what she did to
become a millionaire by buying, fixing and selling over 278 houses.

Marshall Sylver and Richard Flint are two very special guests that will help you
understand what it takes to become a champion in the game of real
estate. Marshall will teach you how to reprogram your subconscious into
that of a millionaire's. He will also provide us with some
entertainment! Marshall will be performing his world-renowned hypnotic
show that ran at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas!

Well respected life coach, Richard Flint, will show you what it takes to be a leader.
Having coached many success stories, including Robyn Thompson, Richard
knows the techniques and skills that are required to achieve personal
and professional success.

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