7 Free Investing and Real Estate Courses

The world of real estate and real estate investing can be a challenging, yet rewarding, world to enter. There are many aspects to consider if you are starting out in one or both of these areas. If you would like to expand your knowledge in real estate or real estate investing, there are various free online courses that can help. These courses are great, risk-free resources that help people determine if the real estate business is something they would like to get into.

RealEstateEconomics - The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, offers this free course through their Center for Real Estate. It covers the basics on how economics affects the real estate market. The many other factors that influence real estate are also studied. Students will need the appropriate software to download certain file types such as .zip and .exe.

RealEstateFinanceAndInvestment - MIT also offers this course, which introduces students to the world of real estate investing through the commercial market. It provides information on various different property types, as well as the basics of real estate investment. All of the material included in this course can be downloaded in PDF format, which is relatively common.

RealEstateCapitalMarkets - This course, which is yet another free offering from MIT, focuses on how real estate investing can be big business in the stock market. It discusses the two main types of real estate investments in capital markets. Some materials for this course are in Microsoft Excel format, or .xls, but the majority are in PDF format.

AdvancedTopicsInRealEstateFinance - With this free advanced course offered by MIT, real estate students should be prepared to take the lead. It is a seminar-type class that explores the latest trends and advancements in the world of real estate finance, as well as real estate investment. This course should be taken by students that already have considerable knowledge in this area, since it is an advanced class.

InvestorMortgageLoans - About.com’s Real Estate Business section offers this free course that can be completed in only 3 days. It discusses how real estate investment opportunities can vary greatly from one another. Since investment opportunities are not the same, mortgage loan needs are not the same either. This course details the pros and cons of each type of mortgage, and also explains which type is best for each situation.

InvestmentRisk - In this free course offered by The Open University, the numerous types of risks that go along with investing are explored. It teaches how and why investors must take these risk factors into great consideration before investing in a certain area, whether it is real estate related or not.

SuccessMathForRealEstateInvestors - This free course, which is provided by About.com’s Real Estate Business section, details many of the important mathematical tools that should be utilized in real estate investing. It breaks down these tools into 7 lessons, which can easily be completed in 7 days. Real estate investors that know how to properly assess every investment opportunity will likely be successful in the real estate market.

These free courses are a great way to gain knowledge in the areas of real estate and real estate investing without risking any money. They will make it easy for you to decide if these are fields you would enjoy. If they are, you can continue your education without any uncertainty, which is definitely a plus. If you would rather attend a program that results in a degree, certificate, or continuing education credits, you can find courses that suit your needs at campus-based schools and the best online schools.

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