Effective Monday, May 3rd, the AutoAccepter 2.0 by BPO Automation now contains nationwide broadcast statistics for BPO order delivery. This means that for the first time ever, you can now see where, when, and how many orders are being dropped, as well as fine-tune your autoaccepter to maximize performance.

The AutoAccepter 2.0 was developed in collaboration with top national BPO companies, and provides an effective means of capturing broadcast orders while letting you stay mobile - taking photos, filling out forms, and doing listings instead of simply clicking "refresh" over and over again hoping to get orders.

The AutoAccepter 2.0 was developed as a response to customer demand for a tool that would work as a virtual assistant for them while they were on the road, and it's become more valuable than ever in today's competitive BPO market as agents compete with in-house software programs & minimum-wage staff working diligently to soak up available orders.

Broadcast BPO orders are an excellent way for new agents to break into the BPO marketplace, and our product is an ethical, cost-effective, highly-effective tool for delivering those new assignments directly to your inbox.

Visit us online at http://www.bpo-automation.com for a free 2-week trial of the AutoAccepter 2.0 today!

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