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With advancing time and hiking prices, it becomes very necessary to secure the basic needs of life, housing being one of them. In a competitive world of today, it becomes increasingly difficult to generate positive income. One of the best ways the market offers is real estate investment. Lent, apart from being safer than equity funds, helps generate a good passive income. It also gives a life long security  as it is bound to experience prices escalate over time. Renting your property or giving you land on lease may prove beneficial in the long run. Investing in any kind of property with Rooftop Investment gives you many benefits along with financial freedom.

Investment in real estate comes with a lot of added advantage, especially in times of market downturn. It assures regular guaranteed monthly income. If the property is situated in prime locations, there are bright chances of getting a decent rent from the tenants. Also, substantial tax reduction can be claimed on the expenditure incurred on the property. If the value of the price increases, the excess rent can be saved to further invest in the future.

For investing in real estate, it is better to start with residential housing. Investments can also be done in commercial real estate, apartment buildings or buying land. Thus, this way proves the safest way to generate positive cash flows with minimum risks even in the long run.

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