CTREIA Monthly Meeting with Andy Heller | 02.15.10 - Cromwell, CT

CT REIA and Andy Heller presents:
Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High.

February 15, 2010
Crowne Plaza Hotel
100 Berlin Road. Cromwell, CT
5:30 - 9:00 pm

What makes the... "Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High" strategy so attractive
today is that, unlike many models, the investor's profits are not
dependent on real estate appreciation. In fact, real estate
appreciation is just one of six profit sources in the "Buy Low, Rent
Smart, Sell High" strategy.

Topics that Andy Heller will cover:
* Why Fortune Magazine recommended the Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High program
* Why today's COOLING market is a RED HOT opportunity for investors
* Buying Low: Learn about the untapped fortunes with bank-owned real estate
* What types of properties can you buy from banks
* Why a MOTIVATED tenant is the key to landlording fortunes
* How the "typical" lease options minimize, not maximize, an investor's profits
* How to make a fortune in real estate AND help your tenants at the same time
* Achieve your REGULAR RICHES: Real estate fortunes for regular people... without the hassles
* and so much more!

Who Is Andy Heller?
Andy Heller real estate Neither Andy Heller nor his real estate partner
Scott Frank, ever intended to become full time real estate investors.
However, in their approximately 40 years of combined real estate
investing, they have developed a long term real estate investing
strategy that has allowed them to make loads of money while minimizing
their time, effort and headaches.

On a part-time basis, while involved in successful non-real estate careers and putting their
families first, Scott and Andy have bought, rented and sold
approximately 100 homes. Additionally, in many years, they have made
more money in their 2-5 hour a week “side real estate investing job”
than in their 40+ hour per week day job.

Over the years, Andy and Scott learned a lot. They eventually developed the “Buy Low, Rent
Smart, Sell High” program, which is a grounded and realistic wealth
generating method. You can use it to buy one home, or dozens. Andy and
Scott are living proof that it can be done, and it does not take a lot
of money or a lot of time….just the desire to make it happen.

In 2005, FORTUNE MAGAZINE recognized the “Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High”
program among the top five real estate wealth building strategies.
After the Fortune recognition, requests came in for Andy and Scott to
speak and teach others what they have learned during their real estate
investing career. Shortly thereafter Andy and Scott formed their
educational company called “Regular Riches”. Andy and Scott selected
the name “Regular Riches” to show that “regular guys” and “regular
gals” just like them can achieve real estate riches.

Andy was born in Canada, raised in Florida, has lived for many years in Georgia
and California, and has studied real estate markets throughout North
America. He has helped countless people in their efforts to realize
their dreams, and he is ready to share his knowledge to simply and
easily put you on the road to financial freedom.

Register now for this monthly meeting at: http://www.ctreia.com/events.php?a=v&i=236

5:30 - Members Workshop
5:40-6:40 - Network with investors, vendors, and professionals
6:40-7:00 - Member Deals and Announcements
7:00 - Guest speaker: Andy Heller

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