Five (5) Social Media Tips To Grow Your Connection As A Real Estate Agent

One of the characteristics of an effective Philippine real estate agent is to have a wide network of contacts. A great way to do this is through the use of social media. Here are five (5) quick tips to grow your connection.


  1. Facebook. Establish a profile on Facebook that will reflect your passion in the real estate field – show it on your Cover Photo, Profile Image, Info and Likes Tab. Join niche groups – public, private and secret groups that will allow you to meet a wide variety of professionals having the same interest. Like industry-known Facebook pages to be up to date, then comment, comment, comment.


  1. Twitter. Setup an account and follow the leaders in the business. Converse. The most effective technique to gain followers on Twitter is to connect through conversations. Have yourself listed in real estate listings. Post only major informative links. Do not use this as a means to promote your site. Keep in mind that your goal is to increase your fanbase, not to be another spam bot.


  1. Linkedin. Craft an impressive portfolio on LinkedIn. Remember, this is the world’s most professional network so your portfolio should depict you as an expert. Add a niche group and participate in the discussions.


  1. Google Plus. With Google putting big weight on authorship, to be active on Google Plus is now a must. Grow your circles. Contribute in the community and share your insights. Be present in popular hangouts.


  1. Blog. Create a weblog. Let this be a hub for both people and search engines to find you. Publish unique and valuable content. Do it regularly. Link to breaking news posts. Apply SEO on your blog. If part of your job is to sell houses for sale in the Philippines, give advice on the usual what-nots.


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