How Online Videos Can Decrease Your Vacancy Rate

How many videos do you have scattered around the Internet working for you to promote your property at all hours of the day and night? If you said “none,” we need to have a serious talk. Videos are highly beneficial, and they are especially so for real estate for the following reasons:

  1. Visual. Video allows you to show the property, its amenities, the desirable attributes prospective tenants will love, and more, rather than just explaining them in ads, articles or blogs. They always say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video adds incalculable value.
  2. Informational. While there are plenty of ways to provide information to a prospective tenant, doing it through video is quicker and often more appealing than reading through a narrative. Because of this, you can also provide even greater detail and information than you might otherwise be able.
  3. Exposure. Videos often show up in a different area of search engines than articles and other links, providing the companies that post them with heightened and unique exposure. For this reason, it’s important to maximize SEO to ensure optimal placement.

If you think about it, when you’re searching for a real estate investment or home buying opportunity, isn’t a video tour a highly desirable sales tool? Why should it be any different when searching for an apartment home? Tenants are just as likely to desire as much information and inside views of the properties they’re considering as you yourself would.

A whopping 90% of tenants search multiple websites to find rental information. And, following this trend, is an increase in the popularity of online promotional videos. According to “It's no secret that renters like to see what a property looks like before making a decision, and many times before they ever contact the property manager or owner. With video also becoming increasingly popular in online search, rental video marketing is a great way to bring extra exposure to your rental listings.” And, as we all know, exposure brings prospective tenants, and tenants bring down the vacancy rate.


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