Lease with an option to buy 3/2 Country Cottage in Bronson Florida

Are you looking to get into a home right now for retirement, or because you're a young couple who would like a nice place to start a family? And do you also feel that you don't want to be in an apartment, but at the same time you don't have enough money to buy a house and you don't want one of those "tricky" mortgages that got so many into trouble? There is an option available to someone just like you called a lease with an option to buy, or "lease option" for short. Sometimes you'll also hear this called rent-to-own.

With the lease option, you rent a full-sized house at a rental rate that is a little bit higher than it would be with a normal rental lease. You don't need a mortgage or a large down payment; all you need is the usual first and last month's rent in advance plus a security deposit which is typically equal to 1/3 of the rent. You then enter into an agreement with your landlord that you will buy the house within a certain period of time; if you don't buy the house before the lease option expires, you lose the option of buying it and the option fee which is usually 3% - 5% of the purchase price. A portion of the rent money that you pay up to that time goes toward buying down the sales prices of the property under such an agreement. The lease option period is strictly up to you and the landlord; it could be 12 months or it might be ten years, all depending.

This is obviously a great way of getting you foot in the door of a nice, private, full-sized home without being forced to be saddled with a mortgage! Since the lease option opens up your living options wider, why not choose a great location for your retirement or family-starting home? Why not choose a home like one in the lovely community of Bronson in Levy County in north Florida? With a population of less than 1,000 people and only 431 houses, you can enjoy plenty of peaceful evenings!

Country living has numerous advantages: beauty; serenity; clean air; peace and quiet; privacy; and fewer constraints on your behavior. But some people, while they like all those ideas, still want the conveniences and advantages of the city: nice restaurants and clubs; local fire and police services; schools; shopping; local doctor's offices; and a place to work that doesn't require a long, time-and-fuel consuming commute. With this home in Bronson, you get the best of both worlds. You're just a 20 minute drive from Shand's Hospital in Gainesville, 20 minutes away from Ocala and Chiefland, and fifteen minutes from Newberry--all of the city's modern touches are just a nice drive away.

This cedar home in Bronson is also just one mile away from the nearest public school system. House sits on 1/2 ac corner lot, completely renovated home with a new, modern kitchen, tiled bathrooms, and wooden floors features two baths and three bedrooms plus separate living and dining rooms and even a game room. You even get a cast iron woodstove! The property size is one-half acre, and there's a detached two-car garage that could be used for a guest cottage.

This would be the perfect house in the perfect location for many people. Check out a lease with option to buy deal and fulfill your dream!

Owner is willing to work with buyers agent.

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