Long Term Rentals in The Marbella Area of The Costa Del Sol.

The Marbella property market has taken a pretty horrific battering over the last few years and even though things are improving slowly on the sales side, the side of the market that is showing considerable progress is long term rentals in Marbella. Prospective purchasers have gotten sick of the lack of data available, particularly from the Ministry of Housing and decided to hold back and rent an apartment in the area they are interested in.

In fact, the Ministry of Housing is so far out of touch, that they seem to think there is only an 11.4% difference in house prices from boom to bust. Anyone in the industry or with a brain know this is utter garbage. Buyers in some cases are getting excellent deals with some vendors being more than realistic with their prices, however with no clear figures produced on closing prices, it is difficult to give clear and effective guidance on what is a bargain and whats not.

Renting, for many does seem like a way of getting a property handle on the market and a better sense of what prices should be. There are also some real bargains for properties on the rental market at the moment. You are getting a lot more for your money than you were 5 years ago. There is a general assumption in the property market that states that when the sales market is down, rentals go up. In this case in the Marbella area, that is definitely the case.

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