New Strategy for a Slumping Market A buyers market has emerged and is in full swing. Lenders have tightened their belts and buyers are having a tough time qualifying for loans, even with 800+ credit scores…..We’ve entered into a time where homes are sitting on the market for months on end without selling, and home prices are falling in most areas throughout the country. Who’s feeling the effects of this? Homeowners, home buyers, Builders, Realtors, Note Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, Rehabbers, etc. are all feeling it. I’ve had my share of ups and downs in the game of buying and selling properties. After a while you begin to get somewhat of a feel for trends, timing, and methods. Is there a solution that can provide some help to all this? The answer is a definite YES! Every so often, a program comes along that is unique and more importantly… right on time! There is now a program using a “Temporary Seller Finance” option that allows sellers to attract more buyers at the home’s full appraised value. The home can be sold very quickly with the seller getting cash at closing. Sellers are finding this method very attractive because of the “Temporary” nature of the program. Sellers don’t have to hold the note and the notes are purchase at the lowest discounts in the industry. More than a selling solution! Not only can sellers use this program for personal survival, but realtors, investors, & mortgage professionals alike can all profit. The doors have now opened to allow a percentage of the funded amount to be made by ANYONE who directs sellers to using the private funding available to facilitate a sale. This multi-faceted program also allows individuals to benefit from introducing others to the program and earning an additional income stream from their efforts! It’s a simple, yet powerful program that’s unique in it’s ability to provide a viable solution for selling properties with an additional benefit of gaining an extra income stream by building a team. This is a program that I could have used to keep one of my homes from going into foreclosure. As I look back on my days as a Realtor, and think of all the homes this type of program could have helped me sell, I feel faint. The good news is that I know now, and so do you! ...................
This program is a winner! To learn more about this unique program, visit: and request your free e-book. Don't forget to visit my blog @ for Seller Financing Tips and Techniques.

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