Powerhouse Wealth Strategies Real Estate Workshop Weekend - 03/27/10 - Middletown, CT

CT REIA and Nyrik & Linda Huuskonen presents:
Powerhouse Wealth Strategies Real Estate Workshop Weekend
2 Day Accelerated Weekend Seminar

March 27 and 28. 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Exley Science Center, Room 121.
Usdan University Center at Wesleyan University
45 Wyllys Avenue. Middletown, CT. 06457

Two full days and lunch included for $595. Bring a guest for free!
Register at: ctreia.com/events.php?a=v&i=245

Anyone from novice to experienced investor will appreciate all the material
we'll be covering. This is a hands-on workshop, looking at REAL deals,
so bring your laptops please!

This workshop takes place in a relaxed classroom setting. This is the perfect environment for attendees
to ask and have answered all of their real estate questions. This
weekend is stand alone OR is the first step in preparing for our
upcoming spring Road Trips.

What is the weekend all about ?

→ Where should I invest ← Where we live has no bearing on where we
invest. We find lucrative locations and travel to them. You'll look at
various markets and find your home location might be the best place to
live but not to buy!

→ Analyzing the Deal ← You've found a diamond in the rough or a money pit???? Everyone has a different level
of understanding of construction and actual real estate costs. We have
painstakingly created checklists for plugging in all the variables. The
numbers don't lie. Find out if that deal really is a deal BEFORE you
commit. You'll appreciate the intricately detailed process all of our
stock has passed prior to purchase.

→ How to build your team ← You know what you want, now you need a team to make it all happen. All
successful people know how important their inner circle is. Trusted
advisors, key employees and partners will make or break your success.
We'll show you how to build your team, what your team should consist of,
and what each team member needs to contribute. Your team must be
carefully constructed in order to obtain all the legal, accounting and
professional services necessary to build your acquisition processes in
the correct order. This foundation is critical to your success.

→ Setting up your Asset Protection plan ← As difficult as it is to
acquire wealth, it's even harder to keep it. Make sure your assets are
protected and your wealth should be preserved for years and possibly
even generations. This is not something to think about too late in your
planning. Protect what is yours.

→ Managing your Portfolio ← You've accomplished the painstaking process of putting stock in your
portfolio. Now it's just as important to properly manage your investment
dollars. We will go into what our back office management systems
consist of. They are a constant work in process! We will also show you
how to take the profits, tax deferred, and roll them into other
lucrative deals with your predetermined exit plan-1031 Exchange. Your
carefully executed exit is just as important as your thoroughly planned
entry into your portfolio.

→ Putting it all together ← We will take our entry into one of our markets in painstaking detail to pull all
of the above topics together in real life investing! Our goal is to
have plenty of questions and answers during our process, accomplished by
creating intimate groups. All our concepts will be demonstrated with
actual documents and project documentation so you can see what really
goes into making our venture so successful. We really love what we do,
we love talking about and sharing our passion for our work. We look
forward to having you share this exciting aspect of our lives with us.

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