Having a property maintained for years is not fun and it involves lot of details that every property manager should know. In addition, they are expensive, time-consuming and monotonous but, planning it wisely will be of great use to property owners and to the tenants. There may be several reasons for tenants vacating the place but this issue should not be the top reasons for people vacating the place which has quite a few implications.

Initially property managers should know the importance of maintenance issues quickly and effectively.  Secondly, this represents a market opportunity for property managers to make a distinction themselves from weak competition. 

Proper maintenance of property will be a great form of customer service ultimately it results in serving two purposes i.e.

  • Protection of the property against further damage and
  • Satisfaction levels of tenants

A swift, decisive and effective response to maintenance problems in the rental unit will have the inclination of satisfied tenants or new people approaching your place.

The following points will help the property managers to perk up with the effectiveness and maintenance issue which in turn improves retention of both owner contracts and tenants.

  •          Find a top-notch maintenance supervisor
  •          Organize and coordinate all maintenance tickets
  •          Remain in communication with your tenants
  •          Accommodate the tenants as best you can
  •          Remain in communication with the landlord
  •          Meet the tenant at the rental unit

Depending upon the rental unit a maintenance supervisor has to be selected and he/she will be the first phone call when issues crop up. Selecting a top-notch maintenance supervisor will help match up and prioritize the work that needs to be done. By lingering in contact with all parties and doing all you can to make their lives easier, you drive a strong message to them that you are a piece of the solution, and an invaluable part at that.  There are several property managers who will help you with this course of action and be a best in the maintenance part; it is a must to make such a wise selection.

Striving to provide the best tools for both, owners and tenants TexasRenters.com is one such property management company that aims to make the best to its clients

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