Softening Canadian Real Estate Market Good News for Private Investors

While the Canadian economy has been generally stable, showing slow but reliable growth even since the worldwide economic crisis began in 2008, experts agree that it is becoming a little stagnant in the area of corporate reinvestment. That “softening” in the economy may be a good thing for private investors looking to get ahead of the curve and buy commercial office space before the projected energy boom of 2014 and beyond gets into full swing.


Buy Low(er)

Property values continue to rise, albeit slowly, throughout the country. Those prices are rising faster in Western Canada, where the majority of business growth is taking place. As businesses grow and hire more people, they will need office space. Increased demand will send prices even higher, so now is the ideal time to buy to beat the rush and find a deal that will quickly reflect portfolio growth as prices increase.


Short or Long-Term Investors Needed

As the commercial property market tightens and prices begin to rise in earnest, a desirable commercial investment could be a profitable property for resale. Also, buy-and-hold strategies are lucrative options as rental rates increase to meet demand and office space becomes harder to find. A recent study revealed that more than half of Canadian investors plan to expand their portfolios in 2013, and competition from those and foreign investors can only serve to further bolster sales prices of both residential and commercial rental properties.


Buy low, sell high or hold and watch your investment grow. Now is the time, so contact Vision today. We have a staff that is dedicated to customizing your turnkey property investment portfolio to meet your personal financial goals. Visit today for more information.

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