Where Will The Investment Market be This Year?

After what can only be described as a difficult year in real estate, what does this year hold for the real estate investor?

For what my opinion is worth I think "prime location" at good value will make the most sense to both investors and agents alike. This philosophy may seem blindingly obvious, but sometimes I think investors look for overly complicated and sometimes foolish investments when the obvious best route is looking at them smack in the face.

Here is Spain there are several locations that rent well, sell well and retain there value well. Why? Beacause of the desireability, location and quality. The truth is there are still great bargains to be found because although technically some of Europe is out of recession there are still plenty of owners in these sought after locations feeling the pinch. Understand places like La Zagaleta and Los Monteros you will soon have an understanding of whats hot in property currently and whats not.

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