Wholesaler here in NJ any buyers for Nj Properties Res / com properties

Hello everyone I have been a rehab contractor for 26 years I know residential homes and residential commercial properties like the back of my hand.

Right now I am wholesaling properties in NJ to gain capital to buy foreclosed, reo properties and make them energy efficient to put back on the market to sell or rent. With
solar panels, update appliances also to make sure the homes are sealed from the

Listen it is simple when people buy homes they know what their mortgage is, insurance and taxes but they don't know what their utilities are and now they will. When they buy or rent from my future company.

The clients will be able to live in comfort and be able to save for the better things in life other than paying high cost to stay warm or cool and enjoy the better things in life.

So if there are investors that are interested in NJ and maybe NY City let me know. I have under market valued properties ready to be purchased with cash asap. Also if you are looking to invest in my future company
Energreen Enterprises well let’s talk

Thanks Ed Bieniek

Contact Bieniek6@hotmail.com

Cell 732 397 5338

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