Working on Opposite Hours from the rest of the world...BENEFITS

When most people hear that I am 12 hours opposite of them they initially lump me in with the Philipinnes and the other virtual employees they find on Elance.

Then they learn that I'm from the United States and their whole tone changes.

Living in Thailand has opened my mind to experiences and a way of life I only thought was possible. As I write this I'm sitting on a cushiony wicker couch in the 20 ft tall open lobby of my hotel / apartment.

Right now it is 2:46pm local time and 2:46am Eastern Standard Time. While you are sleeping, I'm at it, writing, posting, maneuvering and having fun

There are two distinct benefits to being 12 hours opposite from the United States.

1. Reduction of distractions - After midnight, no one is sending you emails or grabbing you on the instant messenger.

2. No waiting for responses or having to react to threaded responses. You just get your questions, comments and answers out to as many people as you can before you finish work for the day. This gives you a fresh batch of emails to work on throughout the following day or when you choose to answer.

I am completely forced to earn income and focus on money-making activities here in Phuket. Why? Because there is currently calypso music playing with a tropical pool boasting a 6 foot waterfall to my left,

... AND my hottie wife and my 10 month old to my right. Different types of distractions.

I love and care about each and every one of you, no matter where you are at with your self, financial, spiritual or any other development.

Just remember, no one has the right answers in life. People only have the power you give them...
Your "pre-approved" level of success is what gives their life and advice credibility in your eyes.

Loving life right now!

From Phuket, Thailand


Matt Gerchow, Winning at Life

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