hi, I'm Scott Shield, and I'd like to welcome you to OneMinuteU. I'd here to talk to you today about commercial real estate and how you create value with commercial real estate properties. one of our focuses is going ahead and improving the value of a property by taking and applying the rent roll, taking a look at what's actually on the property and looking at it to force appreciation. by gaining new tenants, increasing the rent roll, increasing the charges that you apply to your tenants or the expenses that you pass through to them, we're able to create huge value in properties regardless of what the marketplace is doing. what this allows us to do, is this allows us to go ahead and create value regardless of what's going on in the marketplace. if interest rates are rising, or if people are finding themselves with property values declining behind them, if we focus on what's going on specifically within our property, we're able to create value, and massive value. we're not tied to what's going on around us, so that's really the main difference between residential and commercial real estate. that's why I like to focus on commercial real estate.

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