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Why Choose an Apartment in Biloxi?

Anyone that is looking for an apartment in Biloxi will find quite a few choices. There are a few things that people can do to find the best properties here and get a good result from their search. Taking things step-by-step in the search process can be the smart way to find a new home.


What are the most important things to think about?


Some people think that the price of a unit is the most important thing to consider and will use this as a…


Posted by Harvy Yee on August 28, 2013 at 9:00am


Beginner and General Forum | Starting Out, REI Courses, Guru Reviews

This is where people talk about getting started. what courses they have taken, what their experience with the Real Estate Guru's has been and general discussion.

227 discussions

Marketing Forum | Direct Mail, Signs, Automation, Websites, Business Cards and more.

Bandit Signs, Direct Mail, Classified Ads, Vehicle Signs, Billboards, Radio, Television, and specific products and strategies such as MLS Gorilla, RealProspect, HomeReco, Real Investor Websites and much, much more.

52 discussions

Flip Forum | Wholesaling, Bird Dogs, Flipping, Assignments

Got a deal you need to get rid of? Need help structuring an assignment? How should you build your buyers list? Ask our panel of experts how to do it!

26 discussions

Distressed Forum | Foreclosure, Short Sale, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Tax Lien

Here is where the pro's talk about the different strategies they are using to pick up short sales, foreclosures, tax deeds and other paper strategies.

24 discussions

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