I have to say, every day is such an adventure in Phuket. You really don't know what is going to happen from one day to the next. There is so much to see and do.

I was informed yesterday that one could eat in a new restaurant for 500 days and by the time they got to the end there would probably be 500 more to choose from.

Met a couple from France this morning. Interesting twosome. They work in Internet Marketing for a company out of New York called Webgains.

Little Matteo is growing every day. That little guy is tough as nails and never stops playing...NEVER

Real Estate here is totally different than in the United States. You can have a 5-star hotel next to 2-star bungalows and then that is separated by fields with buffalo in them. So what is the value of that property?

Whole subdivisions have sprung up where before it was just a trash laden field with little restaurants alongside the major roadway.

A man told me here, "you know how to make a small fortune in Thailand?"

I looked at him with interest...

"start with a big one." he replied.

Looks like Americans have a special treaty with the Thai people to buy property over here. I am still doing some research and I will report back what I find.

If I find any great deals (and I've seen a few already) I will pass along the info to you. Who knows, maybe we will meet up to pickup some bargains.

Always love to hear what everyone is up to, drop me a note and let me know how your market is...


Matt Gerchow, CEO

PS. We ranked #7 in Google yesterday for the term 'real estate investing' ...so stoked.

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