The Top 10 Features that Attract Young Families to Your Rental

The best tenants are those who stay a while and pay into an investor's equity, but the million-dollar question in the rental market is: How do you find them? Canadian Family magazine rated Canada's top 10 cities in which to raise a family, using specific criteria to rank the cities. What we can glean from their research is that young families want some things you might expect, and some that you wouldn't.


Active Families Demand the Best

When Canadians are looking to relocate, they look for family-friendly city features (in random order) such as:


  1. Kid-friendly entertainment. This includes museums and destinations that children would enjoy.
  2. Low crime rates.
  3. Pollution-free cities.
  4. Cultural offerings.
  5. Public transportation.
  6. Great schools.
  7. Diversity within the population.

Parents also want to plan some date nights, which is why proximity to the following are important to them, but may be a surprise to anyone looking to attract young families as renters:

  1. Bars and restaurants.
  2. Performing arts centers.
  3. Fitness and recreational sports centers.


The Lesson: Buy Properties That Fit the Renters You Want

If you're wanting to attract long-term tenants who enjoy living in your property and appreciate the local schools and neighborhood ambiance, location and proximity are important factors to consider before you invest. Take the guesswork out of the decision to buy and contact Vision today. We have a staff that is dedicated to customizing your turnkey property investment portfolio to meet your personal financial goals, and we know how to attract the tenants you want to the property they'll love. Visit today for more information.

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