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Mortgage Deduction - Tighter Limits for Wealthy Family

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Tighter Limits for Wealthy Families in Obama's 2011 Budget Proposal

The Obama administration proposes to raise $291 billion over the next decade by reducing the amount by which wealthy families can cut their tax bills by claiming itemized deductions for mortgage interest payments and other write-offs.

The Obama… Continue

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Loving Life In Phuket ...Will you join me?

As many of you that know me already know, I have relocated headquarters for Real-estate-investing.com to Phuket, Thailand.

There's one word that describes this place better than most, MAGICAL.

I rallied the troops to start out the trip with me and things got a little nuts. My wife, little Matteo and I are here for six months. That did not happen by accident. This took careful planning and most of all the ability to walk away from our life in Bogota (I know, not so ordinary… Continue

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Houses for Wholesale: 3 Simple Steps

wholesale house

As a beginning wholesaler, figuring out how much to offer on a property is one of the most confusing aspects of the wholesaling process. It could typically take someone hours (sometimes days) of crunching numbers, running comps, and plugging figures into various formulas before reaching a decision about how much the offer should be and feeling comfortable with that amount.

Stephanie… Continue

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